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Chris Duell December 11th, 2018

Update: December Updates

New Features

  • Kustomer Integration for support tickets and docs syncing

  • Allow hiding "Related Articles" from the article module


  • We now prioritize keywords over title and body so customers can more effectively influence search results

  • Support form in the Assistant is now protected with reCaptcha to reduce spam

  • reinitializeOnUrlChange added to the JavaScript API to improve support for pages with turbolinks

  • Better support for using applying additional filters to elevio_posts_tax_query for categories for custom WordPress syncs

  • Reporting fine-tuning for speed improvements (up to 60% improvement in latency)

  • Search engine upgraded. Bringing with it enhancements and bug fixes.

  • Replaced login / registration pre-app screens with a cleaner design


  • Fixed an issue with the sync autolinker only interlinking selectively.

  • Fixed up an issue with prematurely logging out users

Chris Duell December 4th, 2017

New Feature: HelpDocs integration


HelpDocs share one of our goals, "Drive down support ticket volume and guide customers with a fully-featured knowledge base".

So we've worked with their team to create an integration that allows you to sync your help content from HelpDocs right into elevio, so you can display the content you've already created right inside your app right where it's needed by your users, via our embeddable, and contextual helpers.

This means the content that you've already crafted at HelpDocs will now have all the magic of elevio applied to it.

Setup is super easy, a few clicks and copy and paste an API key, and you're done. (See here for docs)

Chris Duell November 30th, 2017

New Feature: Teamwork Desk Integration


By special request, we've worked with the crew at Teamwork Desk to create a new integration that allows your users to create, view and respond to tickets right inside your app, via the elevio embeddable.

To get setup, you'll first need to have an elevio account and a Teamwork Desk account (don't have one, get started here).

Once you've got both your accounts ready, head to the integrations screen in elevio and click on Teamwork Desk from the available options. Have your API key ready for the following screen, and when prompted simply add your API key and continue.

Now you can add the Support module to your embeddable, and select Teamwork Desk as the source, too easy!

New Features

  • Teamwork Desk Integration

Chris Duell January 5th, 2017

New Feature: GrooveHQ KB Sync

Previously, the Groove integration was restricted to connecting to their ticketing system.

This update allows you to sync your content from GrooveHQ, so you can deliver your existing Groove hosted content via elevio, and all that comes with it.

To take advantage of this, head to the integrations page and click on the Groove logo, add in your subdomain and support inbox address and hit save. Too easy!

Chris Duell December 21st, 2016

Update: December Updates

While the team are powering away at a few major items that are just around the corner, there was still plenty to do to keep things moving with the rollout of V4.

So, this update caters mostly to updates and bugfixes, it's pretty dull and boring to be honest. But for a good number of you, these updates will make life just that little bit easier. As always, keep sending through any issues you find so we can patch them moving forward.

We'll reveal all the big stuff soon... real soon.


  • Allow using group restrictions for articles for logged out users

  • Re-added debug information to support tickets & replies (if enabled in the support module)

  • Added option to ignore hash change event for page change (window._elev.disablePushState = true;)

  • Improved placement of tooltips

  • Further improvements to article styling

  • Improved auto-linking between articles for Zendesk & Help Scout synced content

  • Added Chatra as a trigger module option


  • Fixed timeout issue on top level analytics numbers

  • Fixed issue with empty articles appearing in the article list

  • Fixed an issue with a conflict with angular.js

  • Fixed an issue with contextual tips within forms hijacking the "enter to submit" event

  • Fixed bubbling up of click event when a tooltip is added to a button / link

  • Fixed issue with support / rss / custom form / status page modules in IE11

Chris Duell August 16th, 2016

New Feature: Help Scout Integration

We're excited to release a new integration with Help Scout.

You can now sync your Help Scout knowledge base with elevio, as well as serve your support tickets direct to your users through the elevio embeddable. Now you're users have somewhere to manage their tickets too!

You can learn more about the integration here

Chris Duell August 10th, 2016

Update: August Updates

New Features

  • Disable and Enable modules whenever you like. More information here

  • New setting to choose whether the elevio embeddable is shown to non-logged in users


  • New content pulled from third party knowledge bases, now uses the access control already set (where available)

  • Override settings to a module at runtime


  • Fixed an issue with the elevio button menu in IE11

  • Fixed an issue when Zendesk tickets had system based messages in a tickets comments thread

Chris Duell July 25th, 2016

Update: July Updates

New Features

  • New option to CC the submitter for contact forms.

  • Added support for the new Intercom v3 messenger


  • Added ability to set init settings for Smooch

  • If the user has no tickets, take them straight to the support form

  • Added option to open RSS article within the widget rather than sending the user offsite


  • Fix to show triggers in the visualizer list for pages with a query string.

  • Fix to Smooch styling

  • Fixed an issue where some elements would be given the trigger styling, but not trigger the trigger. #trigger.

Chris Duell March 21st, 2016

New Feature: New integration with

Today we launch our latest live chat integration, with the awesome team at

Smooch is one of those products that just make sense, being able to communicate with people via a tool that you're already using, like Slack, makes keeping on top of comms so much easier. We're stoked to be working with Smooch to give customers everything they need to be fully educated about your product.

For more information, check out their release post here

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