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Chris Duell February 2nd, 2019

Update: January Updates

New Features

  • Added the ability to show/hide related articles in the Articles module

  • Added ability to enforce 2FA company wide


  • Improved JavaScript and CSS editors for KB customisation

  • GateKeeper reporting performance improvements, to speed up deflection reporting

Chris Duell February 15th, 2018

Update: Bulk publishing, content duplication, @mentions and emojis 🙌

Bulk publish draft content

Often when you're about to release a new feature, you make edits to a set of articles that you want to publish all at once when you release the new feature.

Previously you needed to publish those articles one by one, now, right from the content dashboard you can filter down to just your drafts (top left), then use the checkboxes to pick which articles you'd like to publish, click the publish button and boom... all published!


Duplicate content from another article

To help power through your content creation when you have guides that are same-same-but-different, forget copying and pasting (that's so 2017), now you can simply import content from another article.

There's two ways to achieve this:

The first is to create a new blank article, then click on 'import' above the article editor, and pick which article you'd like the content imported from. We'll cast a magic spell... and voila, in it comes ready for you to tweak and publish.

Alternatively, you can duplicate an article right from the content dashboard. For the article that you'd like to duplicate, hover over the three dots at the end of the column, and select 'Duplicate' and follow the prompts. Eaaasy.

@mentions and emoji support in hub cards

To help in getting someones attention, and working together, you can now @mention someone on your team when adding a comment to a card.

Sometimes you convey more with a single emoji than you can with a 💯 words, so, we've also added in emoji support 🙌, just type : to pick an emoji... ⭐️


New Features

  • @mentions and emoji support in hub card comments


  • Bulk publish draft content

  • Duplicate content from another article

  • Increased number of articles to show in 'Top Articles' report


  • Allow loading all Zendesk tickets if user has more than 100 tickets

  • Added pagination to HelpScout content sync (allows for syncing more than 50 articles per category)

Chris Duell February 7th, 2018

New Feature: Introducing elevio hub 📬

User education is one of the most powerful ways to increase engagement and retention at scale, yet is often put in the too hard basket, leading to incomplete or outdated help docs and a missed opportunity to nurture a new user.

Or perhaps you've nailed your content... but your users aren't able to find it easily enough. All your hard work, for nothing.We know, we've been there too. So, we did something about it.

Meet elevio hub, for continuous user education


Our new Team Inbox is the smartest and simplest way to keep your user education in peak condition, to be sure you're keeping your content fresh and avoiding content rot.

You'll wonder how you ever managed your content before.

A familiar layout


With a layout and flow just like an email inbox, you'll be right at home. Each time a user provides feedback on an article, or we find something that we think you could improve, we'll add a new card to your inbox for you and your team to organise and complete.

Or of course, create new cards as you see fit from a range of sources like Slack, email, or Zapier connections.

Smart auto suggestions, by Advisor


You're busy, we get it. So, each week we'll use engagement and data analytics to find the most important areas you can improve your support content, and offer them to you as suggestions for improvement, things like:

  • Too many downvotes
  • Empty searches
  • Missing translations
  • Takes too long to read
  • Missing keywords

It's like having another person on your team always going over your content looking for ways to optimize.

Everything you need, at a glance

To help you quickly move through your cards and get back to work, everything you need to know about is available in the main card view. See the status, who it's assigned to, and any addition notes from your team members to help get the job done.

Many hands make light work


Assign cards to others on your team to help spread the load, and get topic experts to work on the articles that they are best suited for. They'll receive an email to let them know there's something that needs their attention.

Collaborate to get the job done

Each card has a comment thread with email notifications makes completing any update or fix to an article easy, upload any assets you need to help your team


Create cards from a range of sources

While advisor will create cards intelligently for you, you can create cards from a range of sources like email, Zapier, or your chosen team chat software.


... and much more to come

We're just scratching the surface, and have plenty of ways that we aim to extend and expand the team inbox, but would love to hear your suggestions.

Chris Duell September 21st, 2017

New Feature: Elevio Elements - A new way to educate

We’re super excited to let you know about Elevio Elements.

We’re always looking for ways to improve your customer education, and with our new elements product, we’re providing a completely new way to fuse your customer education and your user interface, to make onboarding and self-served support super streamlined.

Imagine being able to embed the elevio search anywhere on your site, or show a list of suggested articles in your side bar, or embed an entire article… that’s what you can do with elements.

The kicker... you can even drop in elements using the visualiser tool, it’s super powerful.

Check them out in more detail at


Chris Duell August 30th, 2017

New Feature: Introducing Answer Assist

We're excited to release a new feature that aims to drop your support load even further, and give your users the answers they need through self-service, fast:

Answer Assist


As a user is filling out the form in the support module, Answer Assist will kick in to surface your already existing content to help them out, and deflect the ticket.

After reading the suggested content, if it solves their question then they've successfully self-served their own support and they can discard their message. Otherwise, with a click they can return to the support form and submit their issue through to you to handle personally.

Remember, the more coverage you have in your content, the better Answer Assist can help reduce your support load.

New reporting

Answer Assist comes with a new report, the "Ticket Deflection" report, which shows a direct correlation of how many times Answer Assist prevented a ticket coming through.

So, how much is it?

Answer Assist comes FREE on all accounts that allow for the support module.

New Features

  • Answer Assist

  • Ticket Deflection Report

Chris Duell July 24th, 2017

New Feature: Draft, publish, and auto-save


When editing your content your progress will auto-saved saved as you go, but will only be published when you give the all clear.

It's a great way to get more of the team involved, and improve control over releasing content updates.

As you're making edits, the area you've got unpublished changes will turn yellow so you can quickly run your eyes over it for a quick approval.


Or, click on the 'View published' button to toggle back and forth between what's published, and your current draft.


Don't like your updates? Just hit 'Discard Draft' and you'll undo all your changes and roll back to the last time you published the article.

Draft, publish, and auto-save is available now on all accounts.

New Features

  • Create new content without publishing

  • Update content as a new draft, before publishing


  • Content list speed improvements

Chris Duell July 4th, 2017

Update: Article Summaries & Keyword Suggestions

Keyword Suggestions

To help with article discovery, we've made two updates to the content editor.

As you're crafting your content, we'll provide you with keyword suggestions for you to add to this article to improve it's chance of surfacing when someone does a search, or for showing the article as a suggestion on pages that relate this content.

To use the keyword suggestions, just click on the keyword to add it to your article. It couldn't be easier.


Article Summaries

While not in use yet, we've added a new field to create a summary of your article.

To help get you started, we analyse the content and auto-summarise it for you, but you of course have full power to overwrite the summary as you see fit.


What are the summaries for?

In a future update, the summaries will be used to show a snippet in the search results so your users get a small preview of what's to come, to make the decision of which article to read easier.

We'll also be using these summaries in the hosted knowledge base, as well as ticket deflection (coming shortly).

New Features

  • Article summaries

  • Keyword suggestions

Chris Duell January 5th, 2017

New Feature: GrooveHQ KB Sync

Previously, the Groove integration was restricted to connecting to their ticketing system.

This update allows you to sync your content from GrooveHQ, so you can deliver your existing Groove hosted content via elevio, and all that comes with it.

To take advantage of this, head to the integrations page and click on the Groove logo, add in your subdomain and support inbox address and hit save. Too easy!

Chris Duell November 22nd, 2016

Update: November Updates

After the initial public release two weeks ago, we've made a number of tweaks based on feedback and collated data. There's plenty more to come, and we'll be continuing to make incremental changes based on the usage patterns we're seeing over time to make sure we're delivering your help in the most efficient manner to your users, always.

New Features

  • Added related articles quick preview when managing keywords for an article

  • Tagove chat now supported in the Trigger module

  • chat now supported in the Trigger module


  • Improved suggestions area to provide logical fallbacks based on the current UDL if no historical data available

  • Increased timeout for retrieving base analytics, so it's more stable

  • Added back in the auto expanding of categories, and showing 5 articles per category initially

  • Upgraded server specs for faster response times

  • _elev.openModule() supports all modules


  • Fix to subcategory titles

  • Fixed issue with contextuals with "nothing" style.

  • Fix to limit on number of suggested articles to show on a given page

  • Fixed add to clipboard button for Safari

  • Fixed issue with article loading for multi-lingual content

Chris Duell November 2nd, 2016

New Feature: Show matching articles while you're managing page keywords

To help you with managing the keywords for any given page, now we show you which articles will appear as suggested articles to the user when they view elevio on your site.

This makes it super easy to get a preview of what the effects of your changes will have.

Here's an example:

Chris Duell September 7th, 2016

Update: September Updates

New Features

  • Automatically link between content within the embeddable if one article links to another (for synced content)


  • Added keywords icon for articles, so you can now see from the articles management screen what keywords any article has

  • Improved queued tasks to keep things nice and snappy even in times of higher load

  • Show restrictions for articles / categories from the articles list screen for faster overview

  • Made re-ordering of articles more obvious by changing the cursor on hover


  • Fixed an issue with Olark autolinks not triggering

  • Fixed premature link clicks on mobile, links were triggered even when trying to scroll

  • Fixed an issue with Intercom appearing on the wrong side of the screen for some companies

Chris Duell May 24th, 2016

Update: May updates

New Features

  • User trait data sent as custom fields to Zendesk & Uservoice tickets

  • New 'Save & Close' or 'Save Progress' options for articles for faster management.


  • New tickets in are now sent as "new" instead of "open" initially.

  • Improvements made to tips appearing when added via the visualiser tool for single page apps

  • Styling on menu position no longer uses "!important" for easier overriding

  • Prefixed all analytics events with "[elevio]" for easier report reading

  • Better reporting for failed support tickets


  • Wistia popover videos now appear over the top of elevio if opened from inside an article

  • Fixed bug with IE displaying an error in console on load.

  • Fixed an issue with loader never disappearing if you double click the article reload icon

  • Fixed an issue with using custom __lc parameters for third party LiveChat code