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Chris Duell March 2nd, 2019

Update: February Updates

February comes with a whole bunch of updates across our stack, the main focus for this month in regards to what was released is around:

  • Migrating all companies to Smart Groups access control
  • Migrating all companies using ticket deflection to the new Gatekeeper
  • Further improving GateKeeper, and allowing you to compare your results against Elevio wide averages for deflection rates
  • Improvements to our Visualizer tool to give you and your team more control

And various other new features, updates, and bug fixes along the way.

Check out the full details below

New Features

  • Added an Elevio wide ticket deflection benchmark to compare your deflection rate against, you can see this in your ticket statistics report

  • You can use the Visualizer to add links that open the Assistant to the home screen

  • Hotspots added via the Visualizer for opening Modules can now be limited to being shown once per user, just like with articles

  • In the Support module, you can now link to external form for creating support tickets. This is helpful if you have complex forms you'd like users to fill out for your support integration

  • If the situation requires it, you can now rotate your account secret.

  • Cross-article anchor links now work when used with the data-elevio-article attribute for manual article linking (see the docs here)


  • All customers have been migrated to use the new Smart Groups feature for access control

  • The support module now has the new GateKeeper for ticket deflection rolled out to all accounts (if enabled).

  • GateKeeper: Made it more visible that GateKeeper is disabled, and added quick access to enable from the reporting page

  • GateKeeper: Suggestions page is no longer shown when there are no suggestions


  • Fixed an issue with onboarding getting caught in a loop

  • Fixed an issue with floating images in the Assistant and Editor preview

  • Fixed an issue with GateKeeper suggestions display in Internet Explorer

  • Fixed an issue where positive deflection page was flashing erroneously for ticket submissions

  • Fixed navigation on click of back in the Assistant after ticket deflection

Chris Duell February 2nd, 2019

Update: January Updates

New Features

  • Added the ability to show/hide related articles in the Articles module

  • Added ability to enforce 2FA company wide


  • Improved JavaScript and CSS editors for KB customisation

  • GateKeeper reporting performance improvements, to speed up deflection reporting

Chris Duell December 11th, 2018

Update: December Updates

New Features

  • Kustomer Integration for support tickets and docs syncing

  • Allow hiding "Related Articles" from the article module


  • We now prioritize keywords over title and body so customers can more effectively influence search results

  • Support form in the Assistant is now protected with reCaptcha to reduce spam

  • reinitializeOnUrlChange added to the JavaScript API to improve support for pages with turbolinks

  • Better support for using applying additional filters to elevio_posts_tax_query for categories for custom WordPress syncs

  • Reporting fine-tuning for speed improvements (up to 60% improvement in latency)

  • Search engine upgraded. Bringing with it enhancements and bug fixes.

  • Replaced login / registration pre-app screens with a cleaner design


  • Fixed an issue with the sync autolinker only interlinking selectively.

  • Fixed up an issue with prematurely logging out users

Chris Duell November 1st, 2018

New Feature: Two-factor Authentication 🔑

To help you feel safer and more in control of your content, we've added in the ability for you and your team members to enable 2FA on your account.

To enable 2FA, head to your account settings page (click on your image bottom left of screen) and below your main account settings will be an option to enable 2FA. 

You can use whatever authenticator app you like to scan the QR code and get yourself locked down. (Pro tip: We love the way 1Password does 2FA)

5bdb6c0200faa_Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 8.07.23 am.png

Chris Duell July 26th, 2018

Update: New layout & dashboard sections

Today we fully released our new backend layout that aims to be easier on the eye, but more importantly, be easier to use.

Thanks to the early feedback from companies that switched to the new theme early, we were able to also add in a few new features.

All new layout

The main difference in the layout that you'll notice, is that the top blue menu is gone, and replaced with a more subtle left navigation with a popout submenu. A number of internal pages have also had a facelift to bring them in line with the new overall

We love it, and hope you do too! 

New theme

Here's a quick rundown of what's new:

Reorganised menu structure

As time went on and our feature set grew, we were finding the main menu structure becoming confusing and lacking in a logical structure. So we thought long and hard about where things belonged and reworked the menu into what you see now. We think you'll agree, that things are much easier to find now.

We've grouped the main menu into the following top-level items:

  • Content
  • Team Hub
  • Deliver
    • This covers everything to do with how you present your content to your users. This covers the Assistant, hosted knowledge base, embedded elements, adding hotspots &  helpers.
  • Reporting
  • Quick Add
  • Help
  • Setup
  • Account

Recently updated content on the dashboard

To help you pick up where you left off, or keep an eye on what the rest of the team is working on at a glance, we've added in a section to the dashboard that shows you the most recently updated 10 articles, and their current status. You can also see who is the owner of that article.

Recently added articles

Your latest hub cards on the dashboard

To keep on top of things, we're also now showing not just a count, but the actual latest 10 cards. With the ability to hover over any card and peek inside to see what it involves. You can also see who the card is currently assigned to.

Any issues or errors, will be shown at the top of the list, so you can act on those first.

Hub cards

Quick-add Menu

In the left nav, there's now a new menu for quick access to adding content, categories, helpers, and hub cards.

This is a great way for you to quickly get to the create screen for anything, no matter where you are.

Quick add menu

Show & Hide the active submenu

Sometimes it helps to have the submenu for the section you're in be always open, sometimes... it gets in your way. So we've added a quick toggle to let you control the behaviour.

Menu toggle

New Features

  • New layout

  • Latest hub cards section in dashboard

  • Most recently updated articles section in dashboard

  • New "quick add" menu, for faster creation

  • Menu toggle


  • Redesigned integrations screen

  • Redesigned modules management screen

  • Simplified, and more logical main menu structure

  • Quick access to billing / assistant settings for new accounts

Chris Duell March 16th, 2018

New Feature: Smart Groups - Access control

To help with controlling who can see what in your elevio setup, we've introduced a new feature: Smart Groups

With Smart Groups, you can use a set of rules to create segments of users that you can use for controlling access to modules.

Examples of this might be showing the support module to people who belong to a certain group, or to people who have an email from a certain domain. A great way to offer different levels of support to people on different plans.


You can create a smart group based off any of the following:

  • Name
  • Email
  • URL
  • Language
  • Groups
  • If the user is logged in

To get started with Smart Groups, look for Smart Groups under the Create dropdown menu item in your dashboard.

To learn more about Smart Groups, check the documentation.

Chris Duell February 7th, 2018

New Feature: Introducing elevio hub 📬

User education is one of the most powerful ways to increase engagement and retention at scale, yet is often put in the too hard basket, leading to incomplete or outdated help docs and a missed opportunity to nurture a new user.

Or perhaps you've nailed your content... but your users aren't able to find it easily enough. All your hard work, for nothing.We know, we've been there too. So, we did something about it.

Meet elevio hub, for continuous user education


Our new Team Inbox is the smartest and simplest way to keep your user education in peak condition, to be sure you're keeping your content fresh and avoiding content rot.

You'll wonder how you ever managed your content before.

A familiar layout


With a layout and flow just like an email inbox, you'll be right at home. Each time a user provides feedback on an article, or we find something that we think you could improve, we'll add a new card to your inbox for you and your team to organise and complete.

Or of course, create new cards as you see fit from a range of sources like Slack, email, or Zapier connections.

Smart auto suggestions, by Advisor


You're busy, we get it. So, each week we'll use engagement and data analytics to find the most important areas you can improve your support content, and offer them to you as suggestions for improvement, things like:

  • Too many downvotes
  • Empty searches
  • Missing translations
  • Takes too long to read
  • Missing keywords

It's like having another person on your team always going over your content looking for ways to optimize.

Everything you need, at a glance

To help you quickly move through your cards and get back to work, everything you need to know about is available in the main card view. See the status, who it's assigned to, and any addition notes from your team members to help get the job done.

Many hands make light work


Assign cards to others on your team to help spread the load, and get topic experts to work on the articles that they are best suited for. They'll receive an email to let them know there's something that needs their attention.

Collaborate to get the job done

Each card has a comment thread with email notifications makes completing any update or fix to an article easy, upload any assets you need to help your team


Create cards from a range of sources

While advisor will create cards intelligently for you, you can create cards from a range of sources like email, Zapier, or your chosen team chat software.


... and much more to come

We're just scratching the surface, and have plenty of ways that we aim to extend and expand the team inbox, but would love to hear your suggestions.

Chris Duell December 18th, 2017

Update: Article editor overhaul 🎁

As an early gift for the holiday season, we've released a rework of the editor to make updating your content even easier.

The actual editor itself remains the same, but the surrounding page has had a large overhaul, here's a few things we think you'll love:

New view modes

To help visualize your updates as you make them, we've introduced a mode switcher so you can toggle between widget mode, and knowledge base mode.


Quick article switcher

To help you quickly move from editing one article to editing another, without having to go back to the full content list, we've introduced a new quick article navigation area.

From here you can search for another article to edit, go back to the full list, or create a new article.


New state manager

When making updates to your content, it will automatically switch to draft mode and you'll see a small orange indicator to let you know there have been changes to that section since the last publish.

Hovering over this indicator will show you what exactly, has changed.


Full overview of pending changes

When you publish a draft, you'll be shown all of the changes that you or someone else has made to the article since the last time it was published.

It's a great way to give things a quick sanity check before releasing your changes to the world.


Contributors list

Maintaining your content is a team effort, why should all the praise (and blame) go to a single person?

Now in the side bar, along with the article creator you can see who has made contributions to this article over time, and who last published it.


New "share" tab

Making it even easier to share your article with a user, or find quick snippets that you can use to link to your article as a helper, we've added a share tab to the sidebar. Clicking the "share" tab will reveal all the ways you can share or link to this article.


Smart language switcher

If you're managing multiple languages, it can be tricky to know what you've updated this draft, or what you have no content at all for. The new language switcher above the article groups the languages into their current status of published, draft, no translation


More languages supported for auto-summary & keyword suggestions

To help you in generating summaries for your articles (which will be used in a future update), we have added support for auto-generating summaries in more languages:

German, Italian, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, French, Dutch

These languages are also supported in the keyword suggestions area, where we help you add keywords to your article for easier searching, but identifying the top keywords for this article.

New Features

  • New state manager

  • Toggle view modes

  • Full list of contributors shown in info section

  • Article quick switcher

  • Auto summary support for German, Italian, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, French, Dutch

  • New "share" tab

  • Smart language switcher


  • "Reading time" has moved to the main information area

  • "Preview" button is now always available (previously this was only there if you had HTML in your article)

Chris Duell August 23rd, 2017

New Feature: Meet Mini Me 👋

Dr. Evil and Mini Me, Schwarzenegger and DeVito, for every giant there's an equally impressive smaller version.

Today, we join the ranks of epic big-and-small combo's.

Meet the all new compressed embeddable

At up to half the height of the standard version, it's great for situations where you don't want your embedded help center to cover the entire side of the screen top to bottom.

To enable this new layout, head to your widget settings and set "compressed" as your display type.

Want to see it in action?

Check it out on our site, or play with our preview tool at

The compressed option is available immediately on all accounts.

Chris Duell June 28th, 2017

Update: June Updates part 2

New Features

  • Added "Open in KB" link to articles, shown in the side bar if your hosted KB is setup

  • Added ability to view who left feedback (available for feedback submitted after June 16)

  • Smart keyword auto-suggestions when editing content


  • Sort by results count for "searches with results" report

  • Added a quick link to view / edit the article from the "searches with results" report

Chris Duell June 13th, 2017

Update: New Visualizer Launcher & June Updates

This release comes with part one of a rework of the visualizer tool.

We're also taking this opportunity to rename contextual triggers to "Helpers".

From the new launcher screen, we've made it super simple to make quick edits to your existing helpers, without needing to fire up the whole visualizer tool. It's a great way to quickly tweak your helpers and see them in action fast.

For the first time, we also give you full control over the CSS selector so you can be super specific on what you want the helpers to be attached to.

For our power users, you can also manually create new helpers directly from the launcher tool for super fast creation of your tips.

Head to the helpers page to play with it.

New Features

  • New visualizer launcher


  • Added quick links to full article view in Knowledge Base

  • Added Korean, Ukrainian and Turkish support to the hosted Knowledge Base

  • Added option to disable asking for feedback for articles

  • Added more granular reading time indicator to the article editor

  • Added support for allowing spaces in keywords in articles

  • Added date to article feedback list


  • Fixed an issue with pasting into the editors HTML block

  • Fixed missing first message in Freshdesk support ticket view

Chris Duell May 23rd, 2017

New Feature: Hosted Knowledge Bases now available

Something that has been requested so many times in the past is finally here, the ability to show your entire knowledge base as its own standalone site.

It's super simple to get up and running, simply log in to your account and click on the new "Knowledge Base" menu item to your left and follow your nose.

We'll get you up and going in seconds with some defaults based off your current setup, then it's up to you to tweak the style to best suit your brand.

Here's a couple of our own examples to get you inspired:

Hosted Knowledge Base's are available on all plans, starting from today.

We'd love to see what you come up with, let us know!

Chris Duell November 9th, 2016

New Feature: Introducing elevio version 4


We're super excited to announce the immediate release of version 4.

What's new

Well, the whole thing. This is a complete rebuild from the ground up, months of work has gone into this, and there's a decision behind every little thing.

But here's a few key things to note:

Elegant design overhaul

The new elevio is designed to deliver content in the most streamlined way possible, while staying out of the users' way.

It's a balance of being clean and beautiful, without stealing the show. Hundreds of revisions have got us to where we are now, along with heavy real world testing. We know your users will love it.

Deep, weighted search

In the previous version, the searching was a very simple (aka "dumb") filter. This new release features powerful, deep, weighted search, so the right content is surfaced with minimal effort.

Smart suggestions

While you've always been able to show 'related articles' to a user, with our new analytics backend we're able to present ever evolving smart suggestions to your users based on what people have been looking at in the past. Think of it like a built in concierge.

Finally... Analytics

This new release tracks what is going on within elevio, so you can make data driven decisions. Over time as we're able to analyze the data we'll be providing you suggestions on what you need to know, and what needs fixing not only in your documentation, but in your product. With the goal of removing all the hurdles to your customers' success.

And loads more...

This only scratches the surface. And now that we're rolling out this new release, we've got a solid base to build on.

Expect a lot from us.

Make the switch!

When you're ready to make the move, follow the instructions on the version switch page below, and you're good to go!

Upgrade now to version 4

Chris Duell September 14th, 2016

New Feature: Infrastructure move to Amazon

This one's been on the back burner for a long time, but yesterday we finally pulled the trigger to move our entire infrastructure to Amazon AWS.

This move brings with it higher stability with fail overs, no down-time rolling deployments, load balancing, and redundancy.

While we made the move, access to the dashboard was halted so we could migrate everything across, but there was no downtime at all for the embeddable on any sites, we made sure that would stay operational throughout as priority number one.

Matt Trimarchi November 3rd, 2015

Update: Custom Form Style Updates

Updated the custom form thank you field styling, as well as allowed for specific thank you message override (see