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Chris Duell March 3rd, 2019

New Feature: Custom Domains

Want to host your release notes at a custom, branded domain like 

Well, as of today, you can do just that.

To setup your custom domain, head to the settings page in your account, and set your CNAME in the Update Domain section. 

5c7b38d2bab34_Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 1.15.33 pm.png

To help with setting up your custom domain, and optionally adding HTTPS, see the docs here:

New Features

  • Added support for custom CNAMEs

Chris Duell March 3rd, 2019

Update: CNAME example

This is a simple site, that serves as an example of a site that has a custom domain, with SSL applied.

To learn how to setup a custom domain with SSL, see the documentation here.

Chris Duell March 2nd, 2019

Update: February Updates

February comes with a whole bunch of updates across our stack, the main focus for this month in regards to what was released is around:

  • Migrating all companies to Smart Groups access control
  • Migrating all companies using ticket deflection to the new Gatekeeper
  • Further improving GateKeeper, and allowing you to compare your results against Elevio wide averages for deflection rates
  • Improvements to our Visualizer tool to give you and your team more control

And various other new features, updates, and bug fixes along the way.

Check out the full details below

New Features

  • Added an Elevio wide ticket deflection benchmark to compare your deflection rate against, you can see this in your ticket statistics report

  • You can use the Visualizer to add links that open the Assistant to the home screen

  • Hotspots added via the Visualizer for opening Modules can now be limited to being shown once per user, just like with articles

  • In the Support module, you can now link to external form for creating support tickets. This is helpful if you have complex forms you'd like users to fill out for your support integration

  • If the situation requires it, you can now rotate your account secret.

  • Cross-article anchor links now work when used with the data-elevio-article attribute for manual article linking (see the docs here)


  • All customers have been migrated to use the new Smart Groups feature for access control

  • The support module now has the new GateKeeper for ticket deflection rolled out to all accounts (if enabled).

  • GateKeeper: Made it more visible that GateKeeper is disabled, and added quick access to enable from the reporting page

  • GateKeeper: Suggestions page is no longer shown when there are no suggestions


  • Fixed an issue with onboarding getting caught in a loop

  • Fixed an issue with floating images in the Assistant and Editor preview

  • Fixed an issue with GateKeeper suggestions display in Internet Explorer

  • Fixed an issue where positive deflection page was flashing erroneously for ticket submissions

  • Fixed navigation on click of back in the Assistant after ticket deflection

Chris Duell March 2nd, 2019

Update: Site upgrade & minor design update

To go along with the new branding that was released recently the backend received a minor facelift, along with an upgrade of all major components under the hood to improve security and stability.

If you notice any issues, please do let us know.


  • Rebuilt login & registration screens with new branding

  • Added account verification process for increased security

  • Rework of Release Notes list on the dashboard

  • Added current project name to dashboard header for better clarity

  • General design tidy ups

Chris Duell February 21st, 2019

New Feature: New Branding

We're really excited to roll out our new branding, including a new logo and color palette.

We wanted something that was simple, fun, while still professional, and couldn't be happier with the result.

So say Hi to the new ReleaseNotes logo, we hope you love it as much as we do! 👋

5c6e58ec5fab3_V - Color on Transparent _RGB.png
Chris Duell February 3rd, 2019

New Feature: Featured Images

Following on from the addition of social sharing images, you can now add a featured image to your release, which will appear front and center for your release note. If you have a featured image uploaded, it will appear as a header image for the release note, as you can see above this one^

New Features

  • Upload featured images

Chris Duell February 2nd, 2019

New Feature: Social Sharing Images

To help your release have a bit more pizzazz when it's shared on social media, you can now upload your own image for social sharing.

The image won't appear in your release note itself, but will appear anywhere you share a link to the release, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Slack etc.

Check out the gif below to see it in action.

5c5626a0405a2_Screen Recording 2019-02-03 at 10.23 am.gif

When shared on Twitter for example, here's how your release note will appear:

5c5675e6ef6d8_Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 4.01.28 pm.png

New Features

  • Upload image for social sharing

Chris Duell February 2nd, 2019

Update: January Updates

New Features

  • Added the ability to show/hide related articles in the Articles module

  • Added ability to enforce 2FA company wide


  • Improved JavaScript and CSS editors for KB customisation

  • GateKeeper reporting performance improvements, to speed up deflection reporting

Chris Duell January 4th, 2019

New Feature: Login with Google Apps

To make super fast and easy for you to get in and manage your content, you can now login to your account using your Google Apps account.

If you are a Google Apps customer, all you need to do is hit the Login with Google Apps button on the login screen, and boom you're in. We'll automatically join it up with your existing account.

There's a few more seconds in your day to get stuff done.

5c2ee69a8ad85_Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 3.52.00 pm.png
Chris Duell December 11th, 2018

Update: December Updates

New Features

  • Kustomer Integration for support tickets and docs syncing

  • Allow hiding "Related Articles" from the article module


  • We now prioritize keywords over title and body so customers can more effectively influence search results

  • Support form in the Assistant is now protected with reCaptcha to reduce spam

  • reinitializeOnUrlChange added to the JavaScript API to improve support for pages with turbolinks

  • Better support for using applying additional filters to elevio_posts_tax_query for categories for custom WordPress syncs

  • Reporting fine-tuning for speed improvements (up to 60% improvement in latency)

  • Search engine upgraded. Bringing with it enhancements and bug fixes.

  • Replaced login / registration pre-app screens with a cleaner design


  • Fixed an issue with the sync autolinker only interlinking selectively.

  • Fixed up an issue with prematurely logging out users

Chris Duell December 8th, 2018

Update: December Updates

New Features

  • Show release tags on dashboard for better overview & clarity

  • Added useful buttons to the editor: sup, hr, undo & redo


  • Test emails now have [PREVIEW] prefixed to the subject line

  • Removed margin around images to allow them to be full width in email and content

  • Order releases in dashboard by release date, with unpublished appearing first

  • No longer un-linking links in content when sent via email


  • Fixed the preview link in the dashboards sidebar

Chris Duell November 1st, 2018

New Feature: Two-factor Authentication 🔑

To help you feel safer and more in control of your content, we've added in the ability for you and your team members to enable 2FA on your account.

To enable 2FA, head to your account settings page (click on your image bottom left of screen) and below your main account settings will be an option to enable 2FA. 

You can use whatever authenticator app you like to scan the QR code and get yourself locked down. (Pro tip: We love the way 1Password does 2FA)

5bdb6c0200faa_Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 8.07.23 am.png

Chris Duell October 14th, 2018

New Feature: Easy social media sharing 🎁

To help you spread the word faster about your *amazing* new release, you can now easily share it on social media.

Once you've published your release, the "Share This Release" box will appear in the right column, with social sharing buttons listed below the subscriber email buttons.

Supported social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit
  • Twitter
5bc1a29308dfb_Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 6.42.59 pm.png

Chris Duell October 13th, 2018

New Feature: Edit & Preview Notes Inline ✏️

Previously, if you had a typo in a specific note you needed to delete the note and re-add it.

This update lets you quickly edit a note, as well as see a preview of the note in real time.

For faster adding / editing, you can also hit Enter to submit save the update, or Escape to cancel your edits.

5bc185b6217ab_Screen Recording 2018-10-13 at 04.41 pm.gif

New Features

  • Here is some code and some bold text

Chris Duell September 7th, 2018

Update: August Updates

Reporting Updates

Export reporting data

You asked, we listened.

For any report in your account, you can now download the raw data for the chart of table data. Just click on the export button beside any chart or table like in the image below.

We'll supply the data in a single CSV file that you can then use as you see fit for your own purposes.

KB feedback added to answers report

Previously, you could allow your users to leave feedback on your content when viewed via the Assistant. Now, you can let them leave feedback if they're viewing the content via your main knowledge base. 

Of course, it makes sense that you can also see this feedback via the reporting, so we added that too.


New base editor, now with tables!

In another case of "you asked for it, you got it", we spent a lot of going through all the feedback that has been provided on our editor environment to find out what the most important or annoying things were. In the end, we decided to part ways with the editor that we'd used in the past, to opt for something that we would have more freedom with and get you what you needed.

As a quick peek at what's available, just look at all the buttons on the new toolbar!

Editor Toolbar

The most requested feature (and most annoying thing to have missing) was to add support for managing tables

We're stoked to say this new editor has full table support

Table Support

Pretty close behind that, was allowing better access to edit the underlying HTML of an article so you have full control (no more ugly HTML blocks), we even made it nicely colored for you:

HTML mode

So if you haven't already, go an edit an article to check out the new editor and get a feel for it and all it brings.

Debug data added to custom form webhook

To help give you everything you need to help your uses when they submit any custom form you have setup, previously we allowed you to send through debug information if the form was sent to an email address.

Now, we also allow you to have that same debug information sent to you if you're using a webhook as your form destination.

You can checkout the format of the webhook data so you can use the new debug information here:

Smart Group Access Control for Content

Earlier in the year, we released Smart Group Access Control to make it easy for you to define groups of users that you can reuse later for locking down which users could access which modules in your Assistant. You can now use those same Smart Groups to easily manage access to your content.

More details on this can be found here:

New Features

  • User feedback form in KB

  • Reporting exports

  • New base editor

  • ​Smart Group Access Control for Content


  • Debug data added to custom form webhook