Chris Duell March 16th, 2018

Update: March Updates

Reporting & Hub cards now available within the editor

To make it easier to see how much attention an article is getting while you're editing it, as well as if there's any open Hub cards for the article, there are now two new tabs in the right pane of the article editor.

Hub: Will show you an open cards, so you can quickly make the changes you know are necessary in one go, without having to jump back and forth, or make multiple back to back edits.

Reporting: This shows you two charts with the article views for the last 30 days, along with the upvote / downvotes. A table of the breakdown of where this article is being viewed the most is also displayed, to help show you the context in which the article is most viewed.

New formatting fields for custom form

To help break up and explain longer custom forms, we've added in the ability to insert a heading, subheading, or a paragraph into your form. This is handy for when just displaying the fields isn't enough, and could use with a little more guidance to make sure your users fill in your form correctly.

File uploads for custom form

Along with the new formatting fields, you can now add file upload fields to your forms.

New Features

  • Added formatting fields for custom form

  • Upload file field for custom form

  • Showing reporting numbers inside the editor

  • Show hub cards in the editor


  • Fixed issue with KB interlinks activating twice

  • Fixed scrolling issue on long articles

  • Fixed iOS input field issues

Chris Duell March 16th, 2018

New Feature: Smart Groups - Access control

To help with controlling who can see what in your elevio setup, we've introduced a new feature: Smart Groups

With Smart Groups, you can use a set of rules to create segments of users that you can use for controlling access to modules.

Examples of this might be showing the support module to people who belong to a certain group, or to people who have an email from a certain domain. A great way to offer different levels of support to people on different plans.


You can create a smart group based off any of the following:

  • Name
  • Email
  • URL
  • Language
  • Groups
  • If the user is logged in

To get started with Smart Groups, look for Smart Groups under the Create dropdown menu item in your dashboard.

To learn more about Smart Groups, check the documentation.

Chris Duell February 20th, 2018

New Feature: Public API Released

Educating your users can't be done in a silo, the more rounded your setup can be the better the experience for your end users, so today we're happy to announce the release of our public API to help you bring more power to elevio, as we as to take some of the magic of elevio and bring it to other platforms.

The following API's are now available:

Article management

Create, update, delete or view any articles for your account.

For a long time, we've allowed customers to create content in our in-house CMS, as well as allowed them to sync with a select set of third party integrations (like Zendesk, Desk, HelpScout etc).

Now, with our new public API, you can bring in content from any source you like, including your own proprietary system.

Search API

In the event that you already have a site-wide search bar on your site, you can now inject search results from elevio into your own search results. Simply pass over the query to our search API, and we'll return you a list of articles that match.

This makes it much easier for your users to find anything they need on your site from a single search box, whether that be a product on your site, an article they're created, or help content to help educate them further.

To get started with the public API, check out the documentation here.

New Features

  • Article management API

  • Search API

Chris Duell February 19th, 2018

Update: Attachments for ticket replies, new custom-form fields

Add attachments to ticket replies

Previously, your users were only able to add an attachment to a ticket in the support module when they were first creating the ticket, but not for any replies they later added to that ticket.

That changes today, now your users can add attachments to responses to tickets at any time.

NB This is currently only available for: Zendesk, Freshdesk, Uservoice & HelpScout

New custom form fields

To give you more freedom in requesting what you need from users in the custom form module, we've added some new field types for you to add:

* Checkboxes (for allowing multiple selections)
* Radio Buttons (for showing multiple options, but allowing just one selection)
* Rating (a rating of 1 to 5)


  • Add attachments to ticket replies

  • New custom-form fields

Chris Duell February 15th, 2018

Update: Bulk publishing, content duplication, @mentions and emojis 🙌

Bulk publish draft content

Often when you're about to release a new feature, you make edits to a set of articles that you want to publish all at once when you release the new feature.

Previously you needed to publish those articles one by one, now, right from the content dashboard you can filter down to just your drafts (top left), then use the checkboxes to pick which articles you'd like to publish, click the publish button and boom... all published!


Duplicate content from another article

To help power through your content creation when you have guides that are same-same-but-different, forget copying and pasting (that's so 2017), now you can simply import content from another article.

There's two ways to achieve this:

The first is to create a new blank article, then click on 'import' above the article editor, and pick which article you'd like the content imported from. We'll cast a magic spell... and voila, in it comes ready for you to tweak and publish.

Alternatively, you can duplicate an article right from the content dashboard. For the article that you'd like to duplicate, hover over the three dots at the end of the column, and select 'Duplicate' and follow the prompts. Eaaasy.

@mentions and emoji support in hub cards

To help in getting someones attention, and working together, you can now @mention someone on your team when adding a comment to a card.

Sometimes you convey more with a single emoji than you can with a 💯 words, so, we've also added in emoji support 🙌, just type : to pick an emoji... ⭐️


New Features

  • @mentions and emoji support in hub card comments


  • Bulk publish draft content

  • Duplicate content from another article

  • Increased number of articles to show in 'Top Articles' report


  • Allow loading all Zendesk tickets if user has more than 100 tickets

  • Added pagination to HelpScout content sync (allows for syncing more than 50 articles per category)

Chris Duell February 7th, 2018

New Feature: Introducing elevio hub 📬

User education is one of the most powerful ways to increase engagement and retention at scale, yet is often put in the too hard basket, leading to incomplete or outdated help docs and a missed opportunity to nurture a new user.

Or perhaps you've nailed your content... but your users aren't able to find it easily enough. All your hard work, for nothing.We know, we've been there too. So, we did something about it.

Meet elevio hub, for continuous user education


Our new Team Inbox is the smartest and simplest way to keep your user education in peak condition, to be sure you're keeping your content fresh and avoiding content rot.

You'll wonder how you ever managed your content before.

A familiar layout


With a layout and flow just like an email inbox, you'll be right at home. Each time a user provides feedback on an article, or we find something that we think you could improve, we'll add a new card to your inbox for you and your team to organise and complete.

Or of course, create new cards as you see fit from a range of sources like Slack, email, or Zapier connections.

Smart auto suggestions, by Advisor


You're busy, we get it. So, each week we'll use engagement and data analytics to find the most important areas you can improve your support content, and offer them to you as suggestions for improvement, things like:

  • Too many downvotes
  • Empty searches
  • Missing translations
  • Takes too long to read
  • Missing keywords

It's like having another person on your team always going over your content looking for ways to optimize.

Everything you need, at a glance

To help you quickly move through your cards and get back to work, everything you need to know about is available in the main card view. See the status, who it's assigned to, and any addition notes from your team members to help get the job done.

Many hands make light work


Assign cards to others on your team to help spread the load, and get topic experts to work on the articles that they are best suited for. They'll receive an email to let them know there's something that needs their attention.

Collaborate to get the job done

Each card has a comment thread with email notifications makes completing any update or fix to an article easy, upload any assets you need to help your team


Create cards from a range of sources

While advisor will create cards intelligently for you, you can create cards from a range of sources like email, Zapier, or your chosen team chat software.


... and much more to come

We're just scratching the surface, and have plenty of ways that we aim to extend and expand the team inbox, but would love to hear your suggestions.

Chris Duell January 14th, 2018

New Feature: Article auto translation, and collision detection

Continuing on from our last update with the editor overhaul, we've added two more killer features:

Article auto translation

When managing an article, you can now copy content from another language and auto-translate it to make servicing your global user base easier than ever. Like a little bit of magic it's smart enough to translate your content while leaving your images and other assets in place.

Currently all 25 languages that we support, also support this new auto-translation. Your content team and your foreign user base are going to love this. È molto bello!


(NB This is only available on plans that support multi-lingual content management)

Collision detection

Sometimes, someone else on your team might be trying to edit the same article as you, or you might have the same article open in another tab. This can cause issues when someone goes to save the article, and loses all the work the other person did.

We don't want to be the cause of any interoffice lunch time fights behind the bike shed, so we've added in a block above the editor that will let you know that someone else (including you in another tab) is also editing this article.


New Features

  • Article auto translation

  • Collision detection

Chris Duell December 18th, 2017

Update: Article editor overhaul 🎁

As an early gift for the holiday season, we've released a rework of the editor to make updating your content even easier.

The actual editor itself remains the same, but the surrounding page has had a large overhaul, here's a few things we think you'll love:

New view modes

To help visualize your updates as you make them, we've introduced a mode switcher so you can toggle between widget mode, and knowledge base mode.


Quick article switcher

To help you quickly move from editing one article to editing another, without having to go back to the full content list, we've introduced a new quick article navigation area.

From here you can search for another article to edit, go back to the full list, or create a new article.


New state manager

When making updates to your content, it will automatically switch to draft mode and you'll see a small orange indicator to let you know there have been changes to that section since the last publish.

Hovering over this indicator will show you what exactly, has changed.


Full overview of pending changes

When you publish a draft, you'll be shown all of the changes that you or someone else has made to the article since the last time it was published.

It's a great way to give things a quick sanity check before releasing your changes to the world.


Contributors list

Maintaining your content is a team effort, why should all the praise (and blame) go to a single person?

Now in the side bar, along with the article creator you can see who has made contributions to this article over time, and who last published it.


New "share" tab

Making it even easier to share your article with a user, or find quick snippets that you can use to link to your article as a helper, we've added a share tab to the sidebar. Clicking the "share" tab will reveal all the ways you can share or link to this article.


Smart language switcher

If you're managing multiple languages, it can be tricky to know what you've updated this draft, or what you have no content at all for. The new language switcher above the article groups the languages into their current status of published, draft, no translation


More languages supported for auto-summary & keyword suggestions

To help you in generating summaries for your articles (which will be used in a future update), we have added support for auto-generating summaries in more languages:

German, Italian, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, French, Dutch

These languages are also supported in the keyword suggestions area, where we help you add keywords to your article for easier searching, but identifying the top keywords for this article.

New Features

  • New state manager

  • Toggle view modes

  • Full list of contributors shown in info section

  • Article quick switcher

  • Auto summary support for German, Italian, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, French, Dutch

  • New "share" tab

  • Smart language switcher


  • "Reading time" has moved to the main information area

  • "Preview" button is now always available (previously this was only there if you had HTML in your article)

Chris Duell December 14th, 2017

Update: December Updates


  • Answer Assist now supports Brazilian Portuguese, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and French

  • We've migrated our internal API infrastructure to reduce latency

  • Added a new "draft" filter on the content dashboard

  • Swapped to using initials as a fallback for your user avatar (if you don't use gravatar)


  • Fixed a bug with reordering articles on the content dashboard

  • Fixed a bug with Embed URL module not accepting some URLs

  • Fixed an issue where newly created articles weren't available to add as a 'single page module'

Chris Duell December 4th, 2017

New Feature: HelpDocs integration


HelpDocs share one of our goals, "Drive down support ticket volume and guide customers with a fully-featured knowledge base".

So we've worked with their team to create an integration that allows you to sync your help content from HelpDocs right into elevio, so you can display the content you've already created right inside your app right where it's needed by your users, via our embeddable, and contextual helpers.

This means the content that you've already crafted at HelpDocs will now have all the magic of elevio applied to it.

Setup is super easy, a few clicks and copy and paste an API key, and you're done. (See here for docs)