Chris Duell September 16th, 2015

Bugfix: Firefox Style Fixes

Numerous updates to styling on Firefox to improve browser specific issues.
Chris Duell September 14th, 2015

Update: Allow Disabling of Scripts in Content

Added toggle to the Articles and Single Article modules to enable or disable scripts running inside your article content.
Chris Duell September 14th, 2015

Update: New changePage() method

Added ability to override the URL being used, just send the url to the changePage() method.
Chris Duell September 14th, 2015

Update: Clear Last Opened Cookie

Added an expiry to the remembering of which article was open by the user, so if they return tomorrow and open the articles tab they get a fresh start.
Chris Duell August 26th, 2015

Update: Add Debug Info to Custom Forms

Added ability to add browser debug info to custom form submissions.
Chris Duell August 11th, 2015

Update: Article Notes

Added "internal notes" field to articles, to help you manage your articles better.
Chris Duell August 11th, 2015

New Feature: Attach Image to Support Tickets

Added ability to attach an image to a support ticket submitted through the support module.


Chris Duell August 6th, 2015

Bugfix: Popup location improvements

Improved popup tip location when window is resized
Chris Duell July 31st, 2015

Update: Japanese

Added support for Japanese
Chris Duell July 30th, 2015

Update: Events System

Added events system, so you can take action when elevio has completed loading.